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What is your daily schedule?


Tuesday-Thursday, 8:30am to 12:00pm

Greeting: Table activity and sensory play


Circle time: Songs, lessons and stories based on the theme of the week 


Dramatic Play: Play dough, puzzles, blocks, Duplo’s, drawing and much more


Activity Time: time to work on literacy and math skills through creative activities corresponding with the theme of the week 


Snack and Read Aloud: School provided healthy snack and story time 


Recess and Sports: Outside play time with bouncy house, tricycles and P.E.


Special: Yoga, Music, Science, Spanish, and Sign Language 


Goodbye Circle Time: Story or discussion about the day to wind down




What is your teacher to student ration?


Our teacher/student ratio is 1:10. Some school days it will be as low as 1:8. 


What about snack?


 Students bring their own snacks! No snack fee.


What are your Holidays and school closures? 


We follow the Oregon City School District for all Holidays and snow days. 

We do not take off school for OCSD workdays, conferences or grading days. Please see our calendar for this year’s schedule. 


Does your program allow make up days?


Yes! If your student misses school due to sickness, vacation or any other reason, we try to accommodate make up days. Please let us know as far in advance as possible if your student will be absent. 


Does your program require students to be potty trained?

We require students to be potty trained.


Do you go on any field trips?

Yes, we do! We visit the fire station and the dentist both located within walking distance. We also visit a local farm! 


Do you celebrate Holidays/Graduation?

Yes! We celebrate all major Holidays in class with a small celebration. We also have a graduation ceremony every year in the Spring, including caps and gowns! 


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